Pickett J: "Auntie Marta’s Playgroups are ALL THAT and a BAG of TREATS! Guaranteed FUN for your dog and PEACE for you! The BEST playgroups around!! Our pet has LOVED being picked up, played with and socialized with other pets in her safe, spotless, fenced and extremely ample spaced yard! SO GRATEFUL for our YEARS of FUN with AUNTIE MARTA!"
Nicole L:"Auntie Marta is the best!!! Don't know what we do without her and her wonderful staff!!!! Sam just loves her and all his playgroup friends. Thanks for caring for our dog as if he was your own!!!"
Lynn L: "Auntie Marta is awesome! I don't know what we would do with out her. Emma LOVES going out with her and her canine buddies and we LOVE how exhausted and happy she is!! And the pictures! Just a bonus. THANKS!! Highly recommended service!!"
Erin R: "I hope you know that you, personally, are the reason we continue to use your services. I'm sure we are small potatoes compared to other clients, but we trust you implicitly, and trust that the people you employ are those you would feel comfortable taking care of Baily. You're right down the road, which is very convenient, and obviously your work speaks volumes when my dog is more excited to see you than a dog or other human!!"
Casey D: "Marta and her team have been wonderful and I know my little boy is always in good hands. She and her team love Miles like he is her own and I will always be grateful."
Kurt S: "As always, I greatly appreciate your flexibility and understanding with my last minute schedule modifications. You have repeatedly been not only understanding and beyond simply helpful with my schedule changes and other needs regarding Kegan, but to my continual amazement credit the cost of the canceled services to the next month. That is never expected, but greatly appreciated. I find your exceptionally high level of customer service to be truly unique which greatly surpasses my expectations."
Michele M: "The service that you have provided has been wonderful. I would be more than happy to provide a reference, or to otherwise promote your business any way that I can.

Thanks so much for the great care that you've provided. I can't say enough. Between the play dates, TLC and the photos of those smiling faces, the dogs and I will surely miss your daily visits."
Mary Jo M:   "Thank you so much! Mike & I were talking last night and want to tell you how very much we appreciate you and how flexible and reliable you are. You run such a professional business and we are impressed over & over by you! Have a great weekend off!! You deserve it! Thanks again!"
Diana F:    Dakota and I just want to let you know how much we appreciate everything you do for us. If you didn't know it already, Dakota absolutely adores you. That puts you in a very exclusive club! I can't thank you enough for the peace of mine you give me when I am away from my baby. It means the world to me to know Dakota is in such good hands when I am not home!